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Handling & Hoisting Tools

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HomeServicesHandling & Hoisting Tools

Expert Hoisting & Handling Tools Inspections

A spectrum of tools including, but not limited to, hooks, traveling blocks, tongs, elevators, links, swivels, and clamps are inspected. Techniques employed include visual examination and magnetic particle inspection on critical areas, generating integrated computerized reports.

The purposes of any inspection are to detect, identify and evaluate any service defect or manufacturing fault. All drilling and hoisting tools with crack and any other damage indicates severe deterioration which can lead to failure. Premier tubular inspection through its intensive inspection techniques, state of the art equipment, highly qualified and experienced inspector helps the esteemed clients to decide which equipment are safe to use and avoid any catastrophic incident. PTIS inspectors not only provide inspection but also provide recommendations to crew regarding how to keep equipment long lasting and safe use of equipment. In short premier tubular inspection services helps the clients to stay in compliance with API RP 8B and API RP 7L.

Rig Mast & Structural Inspections

Meticulous rig mast inspection are carried out as per the recommended industry practices. Intense load bearing structures are accorded Category 3 & 4 inspections, conducted by certified inspectors. Rigorous inspections ensure staff safety and minimize downtown events, adding to the productivity of any functioning rig.

The Competency of our personnel is further enhanced by our extensively experienced Technicians.