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welcome to PTIS

Although, PTIS is a globally recognized name in the field of tubular inspection services, the company also excels at several other areas of industrial equipment inspection services.

Established in 1986, with an accumulated experience of over three decades the company strives to provide its clients the best and the most professional services in the industry. With a unique combination of in-house inspection services personnel and advisory staff the Premier Tubular Ltd. is in a very good position to assist you with your equipment so you can have that confidence that is required to compete in today's market.

Who We Are?


We are a team of 100+ professionals who are working remotely in Pakistan, Oman, Iraq, Libya, Kurdistan, and Malta. We are a diverse and collaborative team that empathize with each other to solve hard problems and provide services that we can be proud of.

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Our Vision

Premier Tubular is the World’s preferred integrated field services provider for heavy industry, helping clients deliver safe and compliant projects of high integrity and value.

Our Mission

  • Provide a wide range of quality non destructive testing services to our client in the energy sector.
  • Equip our team of inspectors with the latest techniques, skills, standards & sophisticated inspection tools / technologies.
  • Meet the needs of our clients in an effective & timely manner through our strong service delivery ethic.


We strive our best to fulfil our corporate social responsibility. We have been working to successfully implement a paper-less office environment to reduce our carbond foot-print.


Premier Tubular Inspection Services (Pvt.) Ltd (PTIS) is a leading firm in “Provision of Services for Tubular Inspection, Lifting Gear & Equipment Inspection, Rig Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Hosting & Handling Tools Inspection.” PTIS also engaged in “Provision of Financial Services” to its clients. To recognize PTIS as a Quality Service Provider, Environment Friendly, Safe and Secure Service Provider, we make sure of the following:

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meet our team

We would like to introduce our team to you that boasts of over 50 years of experience in the providing inspection & calibration services across industries. Being in the service sector we recognize that our company’s human capital is our greatest asset, and we take pride in the expertise that our team bring to you.

At PTIS, each member of staff undergoes a stringent training regime that is in keeping with global standards. This process is constantly evolving with respect to new research and technology, to bring forward specialized skills sets.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Khan is the Chief Executive officer at PTIS since 1985, the year PTIS has been found. Having tremendous experience of more than 30 years in the field of solely in Oil & Gas industry whether on local grounds or internationally his expertise provided an edge to the Organization.

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Zamir is heading, managing & Leading the Operations of PTIS since 2009, in the capacity of “Chief Operating Officer”. Having the related education background & proficiency of market & technical knowledge, Mr. Zamir’s expertise are proving the milestones to be reached & attainable for the PTIS.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sameer Khan currently working in PTIS as ‘Chief Financial Officer’. By providing his support & advisory, leading and managing the PTIS financial strengths & weaknesses also proposing the corrective actions plan. Mr. Sameer Khan is the Chartered Account himself and having diversified experience of decades helping PTIS astonishing towards its success path.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager

"QHSE is an integral and very important part of our company’s sustainability and social responsibility strategy and encouraged throughout our services supply chain".

Repair, Maintenance & Calibration Manager

PTIS is having a diversified Portfolio in terms of clients, which always lead to the new experiences, learning & growth working in challenging environment. Establishing trust, Open culture & developing people within the team building that’s what I have observed and practiced in my tenure of 24 years’ with PTIS.

Operations Manager

“A team is the one that works together like a family towards the common goals. This is the beauty of an organization that each member has its own responsibility that helps in the accomplishment of that common objective. As a company, PTIS has been very lucky in having a team that is available around the clock and puts its heart and soul in every work assigned to them”.

Manager Admin & Procurement

Our mission is to proactively identify innovative opportunities and continuous improvements to optimize our overall cost position & build sustainable relationship with business partners.